Product Review: X Open Hub’s XOH Trader Platform

Product Review X Open Hub XOH Trader Platform

It may be stating the obvious, but the forex industry is extremely competitive from a brokerage perspective. How does a broker, especially one in the low to middle bracket with limited resources, stand out from the crowd and build a growing customer base? Yes, marketing promotions are one method, but how do you conduct those programmes when your proprietary trading platform is a constant drain on time and capital?

A multitude of brokers in this predicament are discovering that using a ‘white label’ trading solution can free up valuable time and money, while also attracting traders who want a better trading platform than the industry standard. These innovative brokers may supplement that standard or go it alone with a proprietary trading system to tap into an entirely new market of forex traders. In addition, a proprietary system no longer requires a massive IT department.

One leading contender in this burgeoning field is X Open Hub’s XOH Trader platform. In addition to well-crafted marketing campaigns, a better trading dashboard with exceptional features will also draw new traders to your door. As an X Open Hub executive noted:

It is often forgotten that clients spend most of their time in front of trading terminals and not as one would expect in front of video webinars or well-crafted knowledge bases.”

X Open Hub is a regulated multi-asset liquidity and technology provider, based in London with a technology centre in Warsaw, Poland. For the past 10 years, the firm has built an extensive network of over 100 partnerships in more than 30 countries across the globe in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Its clients include brokers, but also banks, start-ups and hedge funds.

Dashboard overview

XOH Trader - Dashboard

For a trading dashboard to be effective, it must enable the trader to see and access everything they need from one screen or from one click from that screen. Nothing is worse than going through a multitude of steps and clicks, only to lose valuable time and effort. XOH Trader accomplishes this task with its user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. Market opportunities are on the left, charts and tools on the right, and account positions displayed below. The black tabs in the chart section will give the trader immediate access to valuable information in one click. Each section can also be magnified or closed with a single click or returned to as it was previously.

User installation and access

XOH Trader is a cloud-based system, accessible directly by a web browser. There is no need for complicated software downloads and the administration and security headaches that go along with that configuration. Traders can access XOH Trader wherever and whenever they have access to the internet.

Key functions of the platform

XOH Trader - Chart

A variety of orders can be submitted by a single click in the Market Watch window on the left or atop the chart where the red and green blocks appear. Orders can be modified after execution or beforehand using easy Stop-Loss and Take-Profit toggles. In the Market Watch area, favourite preferences can be displayed, market sentiments reviewed, and orders executed with one click. Daily updates of spread information are also provided, unlike other systems on the market. Pending orders will execute even when the trader is offline, and one click can also double or reverse an order.

Tabs on the platform

The tabs in the chart area set XOH Trader apart from the competition. Backgrounds may be black or white, depending on your setting preference, which will be retained based on your login information. Each of the major tabs at the top of the page enables quick one-click access to valuable information in real time.

For example, chart types and time periods are easily changed. Indicators, analysis lines and Fibonacci ratio tools can be easily applied via the toggles on the left. XOH Trader provides many more chart options, tools and features than most other platforms in the market. In addition, one click accesses a calendar, news, analysis tools, education links and history data.


No trader ever likes being blindsided by a news event. XOH Trader is equipped with an extensive calendar feature, which can then become an early warning system when you enlist the aid of the system’s overlay function. One click adds a vertical dotted line on your chart for each past event and future event – i.e., no more surprises.

News facility

XOH Trader also comes with its own global market news feed built in for immediate review at any time with one click. Traders can limit their news flow by applying filters for forex, indices, commodities and stocks, and will never need to exit to another service.

Market analysis tools

XOH Trader also includes analytical tools that can be deployed either after markets have closed or in real time, depending upon what users prefer when searching for opportunities. XOH Trader provides two powerful tools in this regard, a stocks scanner and heatmaps:

  • Stocks scanner: A trader’s most precious asset is time. The stocks scanner is designed with that fact in mind. With the application of a few filters, either in real time or after markets are closed, a trader can sift through the wealth of information in the market and zero in on potential advantageous trades.
  • Heatmaps: If a trader prefers an instant reference point without having to set filters and search, then a heatmap can do the trick. XOH Trader’s software can create a graphical representation of what’s hot and what’s not based on a colour-coding system. It’s also possible to set the period for comparison and select from forex, stocks in the US, or stocks in the EU.

XOH Trader - Heat Map

Concluding remarks

As its documentation asserts:

The intuitive and powerful XOH Trader platform is optimized to deliver high performance, reliability, and speed across all browsers. The platform is equipped with an immense number of features allowing traders to stick to the platform and your brand.”

Traders want a more efficient trading platform, one that filters information quickly and targets opportunities for evaluation. A better trading platform will always lead to customer retention benefits and resource optimisation, and XOH Trader has the design to deliver on these two promises.


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