Live report from Paris: LeapRate & Romain Grosjean at the launch of Saxo Bank’s trading platform of the future, SaxoTraderGo

Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, continues to shape the future of trading with the launch of SaxoTraderGO, a new, intuitive and simplified multi-asset trading platform, available on desktop and mobile devices.

LeapRate senior executive Andrew Saks-McLeod will cover the full launch of the product live and direct from Paris during the course of today, so stay with us for a series of comprehensive, detailed reports, exclusive interviews with Saxo Bank’s senior management, founders & co-CEOs, to bring exclusive coverage of the launch of Saxo Bank’s totally revolutionary SaxoTraderGo platform.

The platform was built from the ground up with focus on usability and performance and integrates seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices. The development of the platform also reflects one key trend: 20% of the bank’s overall retail trading takes place through mobile devices, and this new platform allows traders to access trading opportunities seamlessly as they switch between mobile and desktop environments.

SaxoTraderGO has one of the industry’s most intuitive user interfaces, featuring an easy to use navigation and clear separation between pre-trading, trading and post-trading services. Performance has further been improved by employing advance network acceleration and usage of the latest technologies such as WebSockets.

The platform will be launched to Saxo’s retail clients in Paris, France on 4 May, with a rapid rollout across all the markets in which Saxo operates.


Commenting on the launch, Saxo Bank’s EVP and Global Head of Sales, Products and Platforms, Matteo Cassina, said: “We know from our extensive research that Saxo Bank’s new breed of client wants a faster, better and more intuitive trading experience, and through this platform we are enabling them to be more nimble and active in the markets. We want to help them seize trading opportunities regardless of where they are.

“Saxo Bank and its founders have been a disruptive force in the industry for a long time, and far from resting on our laurels we continue to believe in positive disruption through innovation. Last year, Saxo Bank launched the world’s most ambitious multi-asset social trading platform with This time, we are not only delivering to our clients the most intuitive multi-asset trading platform available, but we are also laying the foundations of the trading platform of the future” concluded Mr. Cassina.

SaxoTraderGO, which has been written entirely in HTML5, signals the trading industry’s move away from legacy proprietary systems of the past. In doing so, Saxo is future proofing its platform by reducing reliance on third party plug-ins such as Flash or Silverlight. The launch also showcases the power of Saxo bank’s OpenAPI technology.


SaxoTraderGO is implemented by accessing well documented REST-based interfaces, the Saxo Bank OpenAPI. This API will be the foundation for all future internal client trading platform developments at Saxo Bank. In the future, the OpenAPI will also be available to select external developers to build tailor-made apps or plugins that will tap directly into Saxo’s core trading systems.

Formula 1 racing driver Romain Grosjean, of the Lotus F1 team, sponsored by Saxo Bank, will be present at the launch event in Paris on May 4, together with Saxo Bank’s founders and co-CEOs.

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