adds desktop web trading platform

CySEC regulated mobile trading specialist Capital Com SV Investments Limited, which operates the brand, has announced that it is now introducing a desktop trading platform.

In addition, stated that next month it will unveil its AI-powered technology, SmartFeed, which aims to correct common behavioural biases that have a negative impact on investors’ trading results.

As LeapRate exclusively reported in July, raised $25 million (and paid $1.5 million for its nifty url) ahead of the company’s app launch. The company has also moved into live mode its educational app, Investmate, which provides content and training for new and amateur traders.

Released in July 2017, the app has already made waves with its intelligent trading platform that allows users to trade financial instruments on their smartphones. Paired with an educational app, Investmate, the fintech company is now set to introduce a desktop version of its software and announced the release of its awaited AI-powered SmartFeed.’s desktop version of its trading software was developed in cooperation with trading technology provider UMSTEL. Like its smartphone compatriot, the desktop version allows users to trade hundreds of financial instruments including indices, commodities, stocks and currencies. It provides users with charts and features, such as limit/market orders, take profit/stop loss, the possibility to see transactions history and have negative balance protection.’s desktop version allows traders to intensify their trading practice with the ability to draw on charts using graphic tools and create technical indicators such as Volatility, Trend, Volumes and Oscillators to conduct analysis. These handy features can help traders delve further into making smart investment decisions and developing trading strategies.

Kira Bondareva capitalcom

Kira Bondareva,

With its SmartFeed technology due to meet the markets in November 2017,’s CEO Kira Bondareva named the technology as one of’s most exciting features. She said:

SmartFeed provides users with the ability to identify – and work to correct – common behavioural biases, which are proven to have a negative impact on investors’ trading results.

The latest research into biases conducted by researchers De Paola, Gioia and Piluso showed that “being aware of these biases is of course the starting point to avoid them.” In their working paper for the Dipartimento di Economia, ‘Does Reminding of Behavioural Biases Increase Returns from Financial Trading? A Field Experiment’, they concluded that, “reminders calling attention to cognitive biases can produce beneficial effects by giving individuals the opportunity to think about their own decisions and about the errors they might incur on while deciding.”

SmartFeed technology works to raise a trader’s awareness of biases and provide them with tailored educational content using cutting-edge AI technology. Armed with this information hope to foster a culture of smarter and more responsible investors.

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