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July 14, 2015 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

Op Ed: Should I pay or should I go?

According to my calculations, should Europe be successful in making Britain pay £1 billion in emergency funding to Greece from taxpayers' money, that would equate to £1,445 for each person employed in London's financial sector, which is the economic powerhouse of the entire continent. Should Britain bow to European pressure and pour hard-earned money down the black hole?

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March 20, 2015 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

Op Ed: The Euro Dollar rollercoaster

LeapRate Managing Editor Andrew Saks-McLeod looks behind the dramatic media depictions of the falling Euro and the dominance of the dollar, considers a focus on overall circumstance to be vital in addition to pure real time figures

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March 09, 2015 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

Lower volumes really are worse than black swans: Saxo Bank considers reversing high margin requirement

Yesterday, LeapRate posed the question as to what is worse; a single black swan event, or a period of low volumes? Today, Saxo Bank considers reversing its decision to raise margin requirements on CHF trades after a 37.5% drop in trading activity in February as the industry begins to consider the dichotomy between single events that cause extreme volatility and prolonged periods of low volumes

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