GMO Click launches FX DASH mobile platform built for speed

GMO Internet Inc. (TYO:9449) group company GMO Click Securities, a Japanese provider of online securities broking services has announced the launch of “GMO-FX DASH” to its Forex trading offering.

GMO – FX DASH makes it easy to place trades from mobile charts to take advantage of speed orders, fast trends, and the latest news, etc. It is a smartphone application for trading only. It became available on iPhone and Android as of this week.

Features of GMO-FX DASH

1. Quickly catch rate moves as the platform offers a sophisticated chart with up to the millisecond real time updates.

2. While watching the “Speed order chart” traders have the ability to place rapid orders with 1 tap.

3. High function chart includes popular indicators such as MACD, RSI, and one-piece equilibrium tables, as well as regular moving average lines and Bollinger bands. Combining trend lines, traders can see the market in more detail.

4. Available for demo testing without the need for registration of e-mail address or input of ID/password.

In addition to this new trading tool, GMO Click announced they are planning to finish development of the smartphone apps “iClickFXneo Plus” and “FXroid Plus” dedicated to FX Neo margin trading transactions, these are currently on track to be offered in December 2017.

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