Life beyond MetaTrader 4: Technology provider MT4i rebrands as FX Blue Group

MT4i, the London-based provider of solutions for brokers and traders, today announced that it is rebranding as the FX Blue Group from July 1 this year, reflecting its strategic expansion into providing cross-platform, multi-lingual solutions.

The rebrand follows a year of developments designed to expand the scope and reach of the business, resulting in a wider service offering for brokers and traders. The company’s market-leading apps are now integrated with ten trading platforms, its core app portfolio increased from three to ten in order to meet a broader range of broker and trader requirements, and all apps are now available in 13 languages, ensuring their relevance in most major world markets.

The newly named FX Blue Group comprises two divisions:

• FX Blue Labs (broker services): a leading B2B app developer offering brokers and traders access to institutional-quality technology. The apps, all developed in-house by London-based staff, include advanced trading and decision assistance tools, sophisticated alarm and message-broadcasting facilities, live sentiment and correlation tracking and user configurable news and market data. The apps can be branded, enabling brokers to offer a cross-platform, customised solution for traders and are multi-lingual enabling brokers to extend their reach into a broader range of world markets.

FX Blue Labs also provides other services including signalling technology, cross platform trade copying, competition tracking, white label trade analysis portal, Price Action News (24/5 automated technical tweet feeds), client side price and spread monitoring and various bespoke services.

• FX Blue (retail services): a leading B2C portal offering traders worldwide free services including automated online trade analysis and web publishing services across six trading platforms, free retail FX competitions, broker spread comparisons and a range of very popular free tools for traders and developers, such as the Personal Trade Copier, the Trading Simulator and MT4i Mobile.

John Morris, Business Development Partner at FX Blue Group said: “The rebrand gives us a strong identity as we evolve the business, building on our reputation for designing and developing market-informed apps and other services which have a genuine relevance to brokers and traders. The fact that our services work client-side (with no server integration required), enables brokers to make rapid, marketing led decisions that can be implemented, launched and adapted to reflect changing market conditions very quickly indeed.”

“As we move forward, we plan to launch some new advanced risk management tools and are also developing new areas of business and strategic partnerships that can help to leverage the technological and distribution strengths of the FX Blue Group. An example was the recently announced partnership with X Open Hub who now offer their brokers our suite of 10 multi-lingual apps via enabling them to provide traders with brandable and bespoke trading solutions for use in the X Open Hub environment.

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