O-Systems releases upgraded binary options platform with emphasis on ergonomics

Binary options platform provider O-Systems has unveiled a new updated version of O-SYS 8.1 platform, which will be available this summer.

In this forthcoming release, O-SYS 8 becomes more intelligent, encourages trader’s activity and enriched with fresh fun features, all without compromising high edged technology.

New multitasking features designed specifically for binary options have been designe to refine the trading experience.

“O-SYS 8.1 is arranged to allow traders to gain a more valuable experience and for brokers to have better control”, said Keith Isaac, O-SYSTEMS’ COO, “We understand that brokers need smart marketing tools to manage their operation, and that traders want new dynamic features to feel excited about”.

The traditional Binary options feature has an all-new design in O-SYS 8.1. Now traders can choose between placing a “short term” or a “long term” position, in the trade confirmation window. Each trader can mark his primary assets as a favorite and access it easily, even before starting to trade. In addition, multi-chart view that allows quick navigation between groups of assets, and a straight forward login with Facebook or Google+ has been added to support faster registration and login.

Offering traders advanced elements encourages professional skills, adding value to the adventure of binary options trading. One of the major innovations in this release is the Japanese candlesticks feature, which includes the ability to monitor all market’s movement, volume and direction according to targeted intervals. With O-SYS 8.1 traders get the privilege to actually insure certain percentage of the initial investment for every position. The new and unique “Payout Returner” allows customizing the payout percentage per trade.

O-SYSTEMS’s brokers will now be able to use a simple, user-friendly and valuable interface. The new “Internal Messenger” gives you the ability to communicate with your traders with a private internal messaging feature, providing each and every trader a personal attention. Regarding the documentation. An emphasis has been placed on the ease of transfer of customer documents. The trader can now the files to his own private account and you can download it straight from the Back Office. Updates or promotional messages to all traders (or a selected groups) directly from the Back Office. Furthermore, the Back Office now supports mail template customization per language.

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