Autochartist launches Delkos Research trading analysis solution for futures industry

Autochartist, a provider of automated technical analysis for the online trading market, is entering new terrain with its launch of Delkos Research. Using underlying technology from Autochartist, Delkos is a trading analysis offering designed for the futures industry.

Similar to Autochartist, Delkos creates both daily reports and real-time analysis for futures contracts. Included in the research is analysis on interest rates, equity indexes, energy, FX, agriculture and metals products.

Autochartist’s CEO, Ilan Azbel, explained that Autochartist and Delkos Research have their similarities, but also include differentiators which make them specific to their respective trading industries. Delkos Research, analysis is offered down to one minute data intervals because as Azbel explains “we find that futures traders are a little more sophisticated than the average retail forex trader and can handle a faster stream of information.”

Mr. Azbel also added that the marketing of the product differs. With Autochartist, the firm typically markets the service to brokers who then provide it to their end-user customers. This is in contrast to Delkos where the product’s initial target of customers are introducing brokers (IBs).

Additionally, Mr. Azbel explained that unlike the forex industry, the futures industry is far more segmented, and IBs tend to own the relationships with customers as opposed to the larger brokers. As such, Delkos created the product in a way that can be distributed directly from IBs to their customers.

In regards to working with brokers, Mr Azbel stated that their goal is to provide the offering as an embeddable solution within broker trading platforms. Mr. Azbel further detailed that futures brokers use trading platform features as competitive advantages when competing against fellow firms for customers. As such, Delkos views the ability for firms to add the research via an API on their platforms as a potential differentiator for brokers.

Overall, Mr. Azbel explained that the trend he sees is that features such as fast execution and right spreads have become commoditized, while value-added services, in particular in the form of analytics, provide added value for customers.


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