LeapRate Meets… interview with new platform provider Gwazy

Gwazy burst on the forex scene recently with a very fun-focused trading platform, and a first client in Windsor Brokers.

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Today we’re speaking with Marcin G. of Gwazy. As we reported last week, Cyprus based MT4 forex broker Windsor Brokers is starting to offer to their clients a rather different methodology of trading, on the newly-introduced Gwazy platform. Judging from Gwazy’s cartoonish logo (at left), the platform is targeted as a ‘fun’ trading platform and is geared toward beginner and novice retail forex traders.

LeapRate: Hi Marcin, and thanks for joining us today.

Gwazy: Thank you for the introduction and the review you have made about the platform. We do follow your website to stay up-to-date on what is in the market.

LeapRate: Since we first ran our article, a lot of people have contacted us with questions. Who are these guys? What is their plan, and what’s different here? But first perhaps let’s start with simply how did you decide to get into the FX platform business, and why?

Gwazy: Our team has a long experience in the FX industry and was involved in different aspects related to the industry so this was not something completely new to us.

We have always felt that the all forex platforms are missing simplicity and are really complicated. We wanted to develop a new platform that is completely new, simple and exciting — a platform that any trader would find easy to use. So we decided to cooperate with Windsor Brokers to benefit from their long experience in the financial markets. This cooperation was very successful to both parties. We got a brand new trading method and platform and Windsor became the first broker to use this creative platform.

LeapRate: How is Gwazy different from the other platforms out there?

Gwazy: Gwazy is a simple and user friendly web based trading platform where all that a trader has to do is to decide on how much he wants to invest, what is his preferred return and what is the market direction and the platform does everything else. The Gwazy platform solves major issues for traders which include Spread, Slippage, Rollovers, swaps and many more.

LeapRate: If I’m a Forex broker, why should I go with Gwazy as my platform?

Gwazy: Because it is different than anything else available in the market. It is not a traditional FX platform, Binary option platform or spread betting platform. It is a platform that supports a new trading method that is simple, different, rewarding and exiting.

LeapRate: Do you provide turnkey solutions for brokers? How do issues like risk management and CRM fit in with Gwazy?

Gwazy: It is definitely in our plans and we are still working on it. We expect a full system to be ready during the first quarter of 2014.

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