Windsor Brokers redesigns website

CySEC-regulated Forex broker Windsor Brokers has joined the lineup of FX companies with redesigned websites. The company is introducing a…

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Windsor Brokers 2014 Disclosure Report shows capital of $46 million

Windsor Brokers, one of the inaugural pioneers of the Cyprus FX industry, has produced a comprehensive report on its capitalization, ending 2014 at 44%, which is nearly 10% higher than in 2013, and currently five times the minimum required by law and a Tier 1 Equity 19.4% higher than last year

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Windsor Brokers Ltd launches live FX newsfeeds

In keeping with the current industry trend toward audio visual news and information, Cyprus FX firm Windsor Brokers will offer a live news feed from Monday until Friday, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. (GMT+2 Winter time, GMT+3 Summer time

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