Larrain Vial S.A deploys Raptor’s trading tools for global order routing to MILA markets

Raptor Trading Systems, a provider of multi-asset connectivity management and trading solutions for the global financial community, continues to experience strong growth in Latin America and announces that Larrain Vial S.A., the largest independent financial institution in Chile and top player in the MILA markets (Chile, Colombia and Peru), has successfully implemented and deployed Raptor’s connectivity platform and services.

Among Raptor’s products and services is it’s FX Gateway offering. The Raptor Foreign Currency Trading (FX) product is a trading solution supporting various trading workflows and offering flexible features targeting specifically FX desk business flow. Raptor’s Enterprise Gateway normalizes and passes the FX trading FIX messages between our clients and their trading partners in real time with microsecond latency.

Raptor operates and provides electronic access and trading services to all major Latam Markets including: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Claudio Larrain, Managing Partner at Larrain Vial S.A. stated: “Adding Raptor to our points of entry allows us to expand our regional offering, providing convenience for clients trading the MILA Markets. Raptor’s in depth knowledge in operating in the Latam markets and its innovative platform gives our global and Latam clients a new choice of a robust, trading solution for trading the region.”

Larrain Vial, the leading regional financial institution in Chile, Peru and Colombia will now have access to Raptor’s global network of brokers and institutions. Raptor’s industry leading solutions for Electronic Order Routing, Pre-Trade Risk Management, and Direct Market Access (DMA) enables clients to access the Latam markets while seamlessly supporting the unique requirements across regions.

Regarding the deployment of its services Teddy Lardos, CEO of Raptor Trading Systems says: “We are excited to work with Larrain Vial, one of the leading financial institutions in Latin America. The MILA markets present great opportunities as they grow and expand. Raptor is committed to expanding our global network enabling efficient and seamless access to the Latam markets for key firms such as Larrain Vial.”

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