KCG Hotspot bucks the trend and reports an up October in FX volumes

KCG Hotspot sees October volume metrics of $29.8 billion daily, up 4% from September.

In October, we saw what we thought was an across the board decrease in institutional FX volumes:

  • Thomson Reuters -12%
  • FXall -5%
  • EBS -5%
  • CME Group (FX futures) -22%

EBS and CME’s figures were their lowest volumes reported in several years.

Going against the trend, in a very positive way, is KCG Hotspot, which reported a modest 4% rise in October volume metrics to $29.8 billion per day. That is still well below Hotspot’s June high of $36.9 billion, but on a relative basis they had a much better October than their Forex ECN competitors listed above.

And Hotspot’s volumes this year were 31% above last year. Hotspot is still much smaller than its Forex ECN rivals, but at this pace they might not be for long.

KCG Hotspot monthly volumes


For more on the global Forex industry see the LeapRate-Dow Jones Forex Industry Report. 

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KCG Hotspot bucks the trend and reports an up October in FX volumes


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