Japanese broker Forex Crown launches cAlgo platform

Japan’s Forex brokers have shown an intriguing passion for diversification with regard to the availability of trading platforms lately, with Forex Crown adding weight to this trend with the launch of cAlgo, the algorithmic solution by Spotware Systems.

The launch, officially announced on September 8, 2014, gives clients of the Japanese broker access to an environment rich with opportunities for developing own Forex trading robots, automated strategies and trade with them. The offer of the Japanese broker also comes along with the opportunity to translate codes written in MQL4 to C# thanks to a special (free of charge) converter. Traders will also be able to use free indicators and other solutions from the cTDN network.

The introduction of cAlgo by Forex Crown comes just three months after the broker launched the cTrader platform which is available under the brand Arb FX (Arbiter FX/ArbiFX).

Traders who wish to examine the cAlgo offer by Forex Crown should go to the cTrader platform and click on the “Links” button at the upper left corner of the screen – cAlgo will appear in the list of options. For the time being, cTrader and cAlgo are available only in versions for download. The good news is that anyone can check both platforms for free through demo accounts which are unlimited in time.

Forex Crown is the first Japanese FX broker to launch the cTrader suite of products. Its move is in tune with the efforts of other brokerages in the country to offer a variety of trading platforms. For that matter, we may recall that earlier this month Monex abandoned MT4 and now focuses on application-based Tradable. This is a remarkable dynamic, especially when considering that Japanese business ethic is often very much centered toward the domestic market only, with loyalties to domestic firms, and extremely long and bureaucratic procedures when attempting to enter into a partnership with a Japanese firm.

The launch of cAlgo by Forex Crown is interesting in one other aspect too. When Arb FX made cTrader available in June this year, the service was advertised as a “mixture of trading and fun”. This fitted well with the traditional offering by brokerages in the country: most often focused on social trading and entertainment; advertised with manga characters and comic books. Now Forex Crown challenges the status quo with cAlgo, offering algorithmic trade, coding and programming – some rather serious occupations of time for a trader.

One thing is certain – the Japanese FX landscape is changing.

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