TFX Click 365 Japan Forex Trading Volume rises 8% MoM in June

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Data released today by the Tokyo Financial Exchange indicated that forex trading volumes were up slightly during the month of June in Japan.

The TFX indicated that the total trading volume of its FX Daily Futures contracts (Click 365) was 2,404,152, up 8.3% versus May but still way down (48.9%) from last year June.

Average daily forex trading volume was 109,279 contracts, up 13% from May’s 96,546.

Mainstay Yen-Dollar trading, which makes up about one third of Click 365 volumes, had a 7.6% volume rise versus May. Also carrying the results were strong Yen-Pound and Yen-Canadian Dollar trading, much of it in the last week of the month, as those currencies soared over the last few days of June.

Trading volumes by instrument at TFX during June:

June   2017
Trading Volume一Daily AverageChange on Previous MonthYear on Year Change
Click 3652,404,152109,2798.3%-48.9%
U.S. Dollar-Japanese Yen770,03435,0027.6%-43.9%
South African Rand-Japanese Yen385,13817,50610.3%-7.4%
Turkish Lira -Japanese Yen282,83312,856-0.6%-33.8%
British Pound-Japanese Yen223,55210,16162.8%-71.2%
Euro-Japanese Yen188,3438,561-2.7%-50.0%
Australian Dollar-Japanese Yen164,1377,461-10.3%-71.1%
Euro-U.S. Dollar87,2113,964-3.0%-45.7%
New Zealand Dollar-Japanese Yen73,3363,3331.4%-59.2%
British Pound-U.S. Dollar55,3152,51442.8%-51.8%
Canadian Dollar-Japanese Yen30,9471,407109.9%-10.1%
Other Currency pairs143,3066,5141.2%-47.9%

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TFX Click 365 Japan Forex Trading Volume rises 8% MoM in June


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