Invast’s ST24 auto trading Forex platform hits 70,000 total accounts in Japan since inception

Invast Securities in Japan continue to cement their place as one of the world’s largest FX auto trading services by amount of client accounts, last week the firm revealed they registered their 70,000th account since they enabled live trading on ST24 just over 2 years ago.

CEO, Brendan Gunn of Invast Financial Services in Sydney stated “ST24 is one of the most exciting Forex platforms to hit the market, providing traders with a simple and intuitive interface to access over 6,000 Forex systems, all from the one login. Now traders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans, are able to follow those who are already actively trading their strategies in the market.”

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The incredible success of ST24 largely comes down to simplifying what many would consider a challenging market. The ST24 platform is providing access to over 6,000 strategies for you every day, allowing you to sort them according to a number of criteria to make finding your preferred strategies that much easier. Now you have control over what style of system you wish to add to your portfolio, whether it be a system trading in a conservative manner or a more aggressive style.

“Our Japanese office has managed to hit the milestone of introducing over 70,000 traders to the world of systematic Forex trading through ST24, and our focus here in Australia is to open the door to both new and experienced traders to a more interesting and strategic way of trading the largest market in the world”, commented Gunn.

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