Integral first to meet new CFTC trade disclosure requirements

Integral reports it is the first company to meet an important pricing compliance requirement for the CFTC’s EBCS.

Integral Development Corp., a leading provider of FX trading solutions and services, has announced that they have upgraded their service to meet the two most prominent requirements of the External Business Conduct Standards (EBCS) just before the May 1 deadline.

One of the main new EBCS rules mandates that liquidity providers disclose a Pre-Trade Mid-Market Mark (or “PTMMM”) prior to trade execution, in addition to bid/ask prices.

The new rules, set forth by the CFTC, state that “by [May 1], the Pre-Trade Mid-Market Mark (PTMMM) and the Static Material Economic Terms requirements will go into effect.” Integral is the first to meet these new requirements. “We are proud to announce that Integral has the technology solutions in place that enable liquidity providers on FX Grid® to be in compliance; ahead of stated deadlines,” said Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral Development Corp.

Over the last several weeks we have seen companies like Leverate striving for higher standards of compliance regarding client privacy by completing their ISAE Level II audit this month. As more and more regulatory agencies require stricter compliance rules, we expect other FX and derivative firms follow suit with obtaining levels of auditing and control.

For the full Integral press release click here.

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