IG Group trading platform experiences outage for several hours – LeapRate Exclusive

IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) has experienced technical issues with its dealing platform this morning, causing traders to contact the firm by telephone en masse in order to execute trades.

Traders took to social media in order to attempt to obtain answers regarding the ability to contact IG Group as the company was inundated with telephone calls.

At 10.00 GMT, IG Group Sales Executive Anton Larsson responded to the Twitter thread on the matter, stating “Yes, the platform is currently down. Please call if you need to deal: +44 207 896 0000.”

One hour later, IG Group Client Help tweeted “We’re continuing to experience problems with the platform, please call if you need to deal: +44 207 896 0000.”

IG Group provided an exclusive comment to LeapRate on the situation:

“IG confirms that its internet dealing platform was offline this morning.  The platform issues are partially resolved and according to our records in the recent hours traders are able to execute.

If any IG clients continue to experience difficulty they can reach our trading desk on +44 207 896 0000 and live updates are available on twitter from @IGClientHelp”

It was explained to LeapRate that the outage extended from approximately 9,00am GMT. One particular trader, Stephen Banavage stated on Twitter “Platform seems to be back, but what happened to my open trades? You just closed them at a loss.”

At the same time, a client called David Maurice tweeted “Your trading platform is down on desktop and mobile.”

Below is the Twitter feed displaying the dialog between traders and IG Group regarding this morning’s trading platform outage:


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