Hotspot FX volumes jump 27.5% MoM in January 2016 to $30.7 billion ADV

Hotspot FX, the eFX institutional platform of BATS, marked a very strong start to the new year, with trading volumes registering a double-digit rise from December 2015 levels, albeit lagging behind the solid numbers from last January, when the Swiss franc spike triggered an immense jump in volatility and led to record volumes.

The first month of 2016 was rather robust for Hotspot FX, as average daily trading volumes reached $30.7 billion, a reading that is 27.5% higher than in December 2015 and 10.5% down from January 2015.

The total trading volumes for January 2016 amounted to $613.8 billion, up 15.9% month on month and down 14.7% year on year.

The strongest day for trading activity was January 29, 2016, with trading volumes for the day reaching $47.97 billion.


You can view Hotspot’s detailed volumes metrics for January 2016 by clicking here.

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