Hotspot FX volumes actually rise 8% in December to $24.1 billion ADV

In what is normally a seasonally down month for FX trading volumes across both retail and institutional platforms, Hotspot FX actually saw a nice 8% MoM bump in FX trading volumes during December, averaging $24.1 billion per day versus $22.4 billion in November.

However the $24.1B figure is down 13% YoY from $27.7B ADV last December 2014.

December at Hotspot FX, the eFX institutional platform of BATS, was really a tale of two parts of the month. From December 1-15 volumes actually averaged $31.1 billion – putting them a whopping 39% ahead of November. From December 16-31 volumes retreated to $17.0 billion ADV, not too surprising during the holiday season.

Hotspot FX’s parent company BATS Global Markets Inc. is planning to go public during the first quarter of 2016, and has already filed its preliminary IPO prospectus with the SEC.

Hotspot FX December 2015 volumes

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