Hotspot FX volumes rise 23% in June to $28.8 billion ADV

Continuing a parade of what we believe will be very healthy trading volume reports for June by both retail and institutional FX platforms, the Hotspot FX unit of Bats Global Markets Inc (BATS:BATS) has reported that volumes averaged $28.8 billion per day in June – up 23% over May.

(Although we’d note that May was a very slow month in currency trading, in fact Hotspot FX’s second slowest volumes month since 2012).

June included Hotspot FX’s second best day ever, Brexit Friday, when volumes hit $59.5 billion.

Despite the bump from Brexit and the associated volatility, and the nice rise from May, Hotspot FX volumes were still below the $30B+ ADV levels the company saw in January and February of this year.

Hotspot FX volumes June2016

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