Gold-i teams up with FXecosystem to offer a managed IT solution for MT4 brokers

Startup forex brokers can focus on sales and customer services by outsourcing hardware and software

Are you a brokerage that is running an in-house developed platform or a platform solution that caters to the needs of some of your customers but most of them are asking for MT4? Gold-i and FXecosystem have just teamed up to offer a solution that could cater to your needs. They are announcing the launch of a complete managed IT service for brokerages willing to implement MT4.

The companies are aiming to provide a startup broker platform and cater to firms that do not have the resources to spend on expensive IT infrastructure and staff. Their solution incorporates FXecosystem’s adequate hardware set-up and a datacenter location that is in a location that will provide low enough latency for hosting the service, while Gold-i will provide an MT4 license along with its own Gold-i Gate Bridge and take charge of managing the system.

The CEO of Gold-I, Tom Higgins states that there is an increasing demand from brokerages who want to purchase an MT4 license and outsource all of the hardware and software support to optimize costs. For all those brokerages who are willing to fully commit to their marketing, sales and customer service activities and take the headache of expensive IT infrastructure and staff off their shoulders there might be a reasonable solution to do just that.

Higgins goes on to explain that his company chose FXecosystem to partner-up with because of their long standing expertise in providing low latency FX solutions. The company’s point-to-point solutions and global fibre optic connections are consistently monitored to provide adequate services.

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