GAIN Capital General Counsel Diego Rotsztain exercises options and sells $553,000 of stock

Gain Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP) General Counsel Diego Rotsztain has exercised a series of stock options in order to purchase shares, subsequently selling them, along with other units of common stock, as reported by a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In this particular series of transactions which took place on April 13, Mr. Rotsztain acquired 9,250 shares by exercising stock options at $5.3 per share, and a further 14,000 units of common stock at $4.4 per share. He then sold a total of 56,247 shares at $9.843 per share.

The total value of the stock sold by Mr. Rotsztain amounts to $551,220, however, in exercising stock options, he had to pay $110,625, resulting in a net gain of $440,595 from these transactions.

This follows a previous transaction in March in which Mr. Rotsztain exercised part of his stock options plan by purchasing 2,000 shares at $5.3 per share, and subsequently selling 10,343 units of common stock at $9.98 per share, resulting in a net gain of $92,723.

Mr. Rotsztain made a similar sale just three days earlier in which he sold 2,555 units of Class A Common Stock in the firm at a price of $9.34 per share at a cash value of $23,874.

As March drew to a close, Mr. Rotsztain sold 3,443 shares at $9.6 per share, and a further 1,690 at $9.59 per share, providing a net gain of $98,553 in cash.

To view the official filing with the SEC by GAIN Capital, click here.

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