FXStreet beta finally goes live

First reported a couple of weeks ago on LeapRate, we interviewed CEO of FXStreet Carolina May regarding the new FXStreet beta version which was slowly being rolled out. Today, the beta has become live on www.fxstreet.com. The new website goes live before the new trading week begins. FXStreet hopes to capitalize on new screen resolutions across the board while ramping up its mobile delivery of content.

Carolina May, CEO FXStreeet stated: “Two years ago we started a long journey that led us to what we call today the 3.0 version of FXStreet. We wanted a site that is easier to navigate and that makes it more intuitive for the reader to follow the information from any device.

We are fully committed to continue providing objective market information, engaging our contributors to keep providing a wide range of analysis and enhancing traders experience when using our tools.”

FXStreet believes an important point on the new setup is not only the website. The company has also evolved over the last seven years into the products arena, where tools are not only web-based or mobile-based, but can be integrated into Brokers platforms and websites.

You can read a letter released today by Carolina May by clicking here.

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