FX Junction launches Flexible Fee Models

Slovakian FinTech holding company PineByte today announced its first major release on FX Junction since they acquired the website as first reported exclusively by LeapRate back in February. Founded in 2011, the world’s largest open social network for Forex traders, FX Junction now offers complete flexibility and transparency for its members by launching 4 fee models that signal providers can apply to their linked Live MT4 brokerage account.

Effective immediately, FX Junction members who have linked a live account between their broker and FX Junction are now able to set up multiple fee models that copy traders can choose from. The various fee models offer complete flexibility and transparency for the signal provider and copy trader.

Signal providers are able to apply the following 4 models: Commission per lot, commission per trade, monthly subscription, no fees.

The signal provider can decide to offer No Fees or select one or multiple fee possibilities that a copy trader can choose from which option is most suitable. Signal providers also have the flexibility to apply the number of days available for a free trial so copy traders can test on their demo brokerage account or take advantage of the fee savings on their live brokerage account.

FX Junction is free to join, allowing Forex traders the opportunity to share ideas, discuss market events, analyze performance, post trade signals and copy trades between each other. Forex traders don’t have to move from their existing broker as FX Junction works with any broker that offers a MT4 platform. For MT4 brokers looking to have their own closed social network for their clients, FX Junction provides a white label solution.

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