Four FXCM senior executives granted shares in company

Four FXCM (NYSE:FXCM) senior executives sold a small proportion of company stock, as detailed by filings by FXCM with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The company’s General Counsel David Sassoon has acquired 1,500 ordinary shares at no cost.

Yesterday, Mr. Sassoon exercised certain options in relation 3,500 shares at $10.73 per share, whilst simultaneously selling the same amount of shares at $16.64 per share.

Last week, Mr. Sassoon exercised options relating to 1,750 shares at $10.73 per share, whilst simultaneously selling the same amount of shares at $16.76 per share, with his total shareholding now standing at 9,500 subsequent to these transactions.

Following today’s transaction, Mr. Sasson has approximately 1,500 beneficially owned securities in the company.

In addition to Mr. Sassoon’s granting of corporate stock, FXCM’s Chief Financial Officer Robert Lande has been granted 8,500 ordinary shares in the company, following a transaction which was completed on December 12.

This acquisition takes Mr. Lande’s shareholding up to 40,300 shares in the company.

FXCM’s Chief Accounting Officer Nicola Santoro Jr has obtained a further 3,000 units of class A common stock for zero cost. This follows a recent transaction which took place on December 15, in which Mr. Santoro Jr exercised certain options relating to 10,000 ordinary shares at $13.55 per share, and on the same day selling the same amount at $16.50 per share, which at the time left him with approximately 40,000 shares under his ownership.

In addition, Brendan Callan, CEO and President of FXCM’s European operations, acquired 5,000 units of class A common stock at zero cost. This transaction took place on December 12.

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