Former ETX Capital market strategist Ishaq Siddiqi assumes directorship at media firm Blackstock

Ishaq Siddiqi has assumed a directorship at British corporate media relations company Blackstock, representing his first senior executive position in a career which extends across prominent companies.

Blackstock is a London-based media firm which assists companies in defining their brand as well as setting out the messages they want to use internal and externally, whether it’s with clients, regulators or the media itself.

According to Blackstock, Mr. Siddiqi’s valuable experience for the company includes global macroeconomics, central bank policies, emerging markets and personal finance.

Mr. Siddiqi has extensive knowledge of the currency markets, his penultimate position having been Financial Market Strategist at ETX Capital in London, a firm that he joined in 2012.

At ETX Capital, Mr. Siddiqi managed and populated company’s ‘Views from the floor’ and ‘Weekly Blog’ output on the firm’s global website. He also developed, presented, produced, edited and published daily video updates for clients, titled the “Daily Market Bite’.

Mr. Siddiqi’s experience in financial media was instrumental to his role at ETX Capital, as he joined the company after four and a half years at the Wall Street Journal as a Markets Reporter, where he provided coverage of pan-European equity markets with primary focus on UK markets for DJ Newswire and the Wall Street Journal itself.

Prior to joining the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Siddiqui was at ITP Business Publishing in the United Arab Emirates, where he held the position of Assistant Editor, responsible for commercial interest content across two publications.

Mr. Siddiqi holds a BA (Hons) degree in journalism from the University of the Arts in London.

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