FCA authorized ECommPay named a Visa Principal Member

Just officially announced, VISA’s European Board of Directors has granted VISA Principal Member status to payment processing company ECommPay.

ECommPay creates bespoke payment solutions for e-Commerce merchants, enabling them to make and to accept payments via VISA/MasterCard and China Union Pay bankcards, as well as through popular alternative payment systems.

The newly acquired status demonstrates ECommPay’s commitment to providing clients with high quality service and ensuring a broad selection of the most modern and up-to-date technologies available in the payment services industry.

As a VISA Principal Member, ECommPay has accelerated the processing of client applications and can now connect merchants directly to VISA, thereby significantly reducing the costs and improving competitive position in the market.

The company’s COO, Dmitry Sinkovich, explains what becoming a VISA Principal Member signifies for ECommPay:

“To become a VISA Principal Member is an important step in the development of any financial provider. ECommPay’s new status allows us to expand and strengthen our position in international markets. Being recognized for our high level of service by a multidisciplinary audit conducted by VISA International confirms that our company meets all safety and operations requirements. VISA Principal Membership is a guarantee not only of the quality, but also of the transparency and professionalism of ECommPay’s services. We are very proud of this achievement and of our contributions to the payment processing industry.”

For more information, please visit ECommPay’s website.

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