ECommPay to implement Mastercard Dashboard

In August 2016, Mastercard launched its newest risk management system. Mastercard Dashboard is a highly functional anti-fraud technology, dedicated to providing acquirers insights into their merchant clients’ fraudulent statistics.

The Mastercard Dashboard is engineered specifically to expand acquirer possibilities, aggregating insights from across the Mastercard global network to provide a detailed overview of merchant transactions. Its historical tracking function is updated daily, showing updated fraud, chargebacks, and authorization-declined information.

Payment services provider ECommPay became the first acquirer in Europe to add the new system into its portfolio of payment products, tools, services, and technologies.

Mastercard Dashboard’s new risk management tools are a valuable contribution to ECommPay’s range of anti-fraud measures.

Marija Solovjova, Head of Fraud/Chargebacks Monitoring Division at ECommPay, commented:

We’re honored to be the first acquirer granted access in Europe to Mastercard’s latest product. The launch of the product both in Europe and in Russia has greatly contributed to our primary objective to provide maximum security for merchant transactions, keeping their performance and profits on the highest level.

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