ECommPay expands in Asia, opens Singapore office

Payment processing provider ECommPay is setting its sight on Asia and has just made the first step towards expanding in this region.

On September 9th, the company celebrated the grand opening of its first Asian office, conveniently located in Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore. Singapore is considered the heart of Asian e-Commerce, attracting companies and specialists from across the globe. The Singapore branch office is yet another step in the company’s targeted expansion, providing existing and prospective clients with increased international coverage.

ECommPay’s team of regional directors met to celebrate the occasion and used the opportunity to discuss future plans for the company, as well as individual predictions for the development of the e-Commerce sphere more generally.

The new office in Singapore will serve as an important hub for clients seeking to expand their business into new markets, as well as being a central point of contact with companies working within Asia.

The newly appointed director of ECommPay Singapore, Dennis Kwok commented:

“Our newest office presents the unique opportunity of attracting new clients interested in advancing their business prospects. At present, ECommPay’s Singapore branch office offers a platform to clients wishing to expand into the region.”

ECommPay already has offices in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Earlier this year, the company attained Visa Principal Member and MasterCard Principal Member status.

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