FastMatch ECN executes first disclosed trade on its global FX platform

FastMatch, a leading financial technology company focusing on foreign exchange trading, today announced that it has executed the first fully disclosed trade between counterparties over its platform. The trade was executed between Citadel Securities, a leading market maker in FX, Rates, Equities, and other products, and a global tier 1 bank.

Disclosed trading allows liquidity providers to provide customized pricing to best suit each client’s specific needs. Last month FastMatch announced that it would offer fully disclosed trading at a cost of only $1 per million USD notional per side.

“We had a tremendous positive response from clients and liquidity providers to our new, global, low cost, fully disclosed trading offering”, said Dmitri Galinov, CEO of FastMatch. “Citadel Securities – one of the largest market makers in the world – going live on the new offering only two weeks after its launch with many more firms in the pipeline is a strong recognition of the increasing demand in the market for disclosed trading.”

citadelJamil Nazarali, Head of Citadel Execution Services said “we’re excited to partner with FastMatch to provide disclosed liquidity to clients. Disclosed trading allows us to customize our FX solutions based on an individual customer’s needs in order to provide them with the best level of service.”

To see the official release, click here.

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