Ex-employee of Yahoo’s Forex broker YJFX steals clients’ data

Retail Forex broker YJFX, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation (TYO:4689), has reported of a serious clients data breach.

A former employee of the broker has stolen more than 180,000 pieces of information about YJFX clients, with the information ranging from transactions details to names of the clients and their bank account data.

The analysis of the breach showed that 185,626 pieces of information were taken out.

  • 128,220 pieces of information were in a status in which public browsing was possible, but were not accessed.
  • 56,665 pieces of information were accessed through search engine crawlers.
  • 741 pieces of information were viewed by third parties.

yjfx_logoBelow is a summary of the events:

  • January 28 (Thu) Night: YJFX received a report from external sources about a data breach and started investigation of the facts.
  • January 29 (Fri): YJFX found that a former employee had taken customer information and trade secrets out of the company’s premises without permission, and had saved the information on the Internet. The company requested the immediate cut-off of access to the information on the Internet and by night time, confirmed the cut-off of access to this information. Also, it requested the search engine operators to delete the information from the search results.
  • January 30 (Sat): Visited the house of the former employee and questioned the former employee directly. YJFX demanded the deletion of information that was saved in the devices privately possessed by the former employee and confirmed that the deletion was complete on the spot.
  • January 31 (Sun): The devices were brought back to YJFX’s premises. The broker completed the identification of customer information that was removed.
  • February 1 (Mon): With the cooperation of the former employee, the company acquired the access logs to the removed information from the rental server operator, and began analysis on the logs.
  • February 2 (Tue): The company completed analysis on the access logs to the information taken out. It was confirmed that the deletion from the search results is complete.

You can view details about the information stolen in the tables below:


You can download the full report on the matter from Yahoo Japan by clicking here.

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