Dukascopy resumes offering of USD/RUB pair

Dukascopy, the Switzerland-based expert in online trading, today delivered an important piece of news to its clients who are interested in trading the Russian Ruble.

From today, April 17, 2015, trading with the USD/RUB pair (US Dollar vs Russian Ruble) is once again available to clients of the Swiss company. Owners of live accounts with the broker would be able to trade the pair at a leverage of 1:10, the company said in its announcement today.

Trading breaks will still be from 20:50 until 07:00 (GMT).

Dukascopy had suspended trading with pairs with the Russian Ruble on December 22, 2014, citing low liquidity stemming from the holidays season and the decision of the Russian central bank to surprisingly hike the key interest rates from 10.5% to 17%.

The company said back then that the unstable price feeds and high roll-over rates were not corresponding to its corporate standards and that such trading conditions presented high risk to both the clients and the broker itself. The situation is obviously improving now and Dukascopy is once again offering the USD/RUB pair for live trading.

The Ruble enjoyed a period of continued rise throughout most of the first quarter of 2015. Starting in the end of last week, however, it lost ground against the USD and the EUR, as the Bank of Russia made steps to reduce the speculative element in the appreciation of the national currency against the US dollar and the euro. The Russian currency now definitely offers some interesting opportunities to traders.

The official announcement on USD/RUB availability at Dukascopy can be read by clicking here.

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Dukascopy resumes offering of USD/RUB pair


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