Dukascopy confirms business as usual, safely passing through the CHF dramatic price shift

Dukascopy Group has today announced that it has safely passed through the CHF dramatic price shift. It was achieved thanks to advanced execution technology, careful risk management policy and reduced leverage on EURCHF till level of 1:10.

The scenario of such shock had been anticipated four months in advance as shown in our news published on 3rd of October 2014: “Due to the possibility of a break of the 1.2000 floor in EUR/CHF which may see significant price gaps and cause negative equity on client accounts, Dukascopy Bank is forced to implement a maximum leverage for EURCHF exposures of 1:10 as of 12 October 2014.”

Dukascopy’s well known ECN business model and careful risk management approach proved once again to be reliable and trustworthy.

For the full announcement from Dukascopy Bank, click here.

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