Christopher Hill takes holding in IG Group to 44,256 shares

IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG), a leader in online trading, has published a notification about transaction in its shares by one of its directors. The notification concerns a transaction in the Company’s ordinary shares of 0.005p each by Christopher Hill, an Executive Director of the Company.

IG operates a Share Incentive Plan (SIP), which is open to all UK-based employees. Under the rules of the SIP, the company matches the Ordinary Shares purchased by employees (“Partnership Shares”) participating in the scheme at a given ratio. The Ordinary Shares matched by the company (“Matching Shares”) vest on the 3rd anniversary of the purchase of the Partnership Shares subject to continued employment and retention of the Partnership Shares. In 2012, the SIP was operated on a one-for one ratio.

On July 27, 2012, Christopher Hill participated in the SIP by purchasing 328 Partnership Shares. Following his continued employment and retention of the Partnership Shares as at July 27, 2015, Christopher Hill bought 328 Matching Shares for nil consideration in London. Both the Partnership Shares and Matching Shares are Ordinary Shares.

After the transaction, Christopher Hill’s shareholding in IG totals 44,256 Ordinary Shares.

IG Group’s shares closed at 729.64p on Monday, up 0.09% for the day.


Chart source: Google Finance.

To view the official announcement, click here.

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