Chapdelaine FX selects Integral to advance platform

Integral Development Corp, a leading FX trading network, and Chapdelaine FX, a division of Tullett Prebon, today announced significant upgrades to the Chapdelaine FX platform that will further differentiate their offering from other services.

Responding to clients’ demands, Chapdelaine FX had been looking for a technology solution provider that excels at delivering both exceptional ticket throughput and advanced execution algorithms. These capabilities are critical to two significant market segments, wholesale FX brokers and fund managers.

The first solution addresses the rise of social trading strategies where MT4 wholesale brokers need to execute high bursts of orders in excess of 10,000 per second, while allocating the fills of these trades fairly across all users. Chapdelaine FX now offers a solution that makes social trading manageable by high volume wholesale brokers based on Integral technology. The second service was developed for fund managers who are looking for best liquidity and transaction cost analysis (TCA). They stand to benefit from the addition of advanced time-slice algorithms when executing trades in the market. Both innovations were developed jointly by Integral and Chapdelaine FX and provide a distinct advantage in today’s competitive market. These services are available as two distinct liquidity hubs on Integral’s FX Grid®.

Douglas Borthwick, Managing Director, Desk Manager and Broker on the Chapdelaine FX desk, commented, “Integral’s FX Grid is an industry leader in the FX platform space, providing many end-users with a wealth of liquidity and STP options. Chapdelaine FX is excited to offer financial institutions on the network the benefits of our additive liquidity without the on-boarding and credit difficulties that often arise when adding multiple liquidity providers. To receive our unique liquidity, clients need only ask and we will take it from there.”

“We are excited about partnering with Tullett Prebon’s Chapdelaine FX in developing industry-leading capabilities that respond to current market needs,” said Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral Development Corp. “As a technology provider to market participants, our goal is to help our customers be more successful by enabling them to better serve their clients. Working together, our two firms were able to add greater value to the market.”

Built from Integral’s FX Inside White Label™ technology, the solution delivers for Chapdelaine FX direct control over their liquidity sources, aggregation, pricing engine, client user experience and risk management. Like every service that Integral provides, these Chapdelaine FX liquidity hubs are cloud-based, which translates into unparalleled flexibility and rapid time-to-market without any upfront costs to the broker.

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