CEO & President of boutique algo firm Quantica Trading departs

Just a matter of months after the launch of rebranded boutique algorithmic trading company Quantica Trading, the firm’s CEO and President Janice Robson has left the company.

Ms. Robson, previously a Strategic Solutions Manager at SunGard in Toronto, joined Quantica Trading in July 2013 prior to its rebranding, at which time the firm operated under the name of Embium.

The company was established five years ago in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and concentrated on the development of its broker-neutral platform Cloud Trader, its Excel-based auto-trading system which is marketed under the designation of Viper, and lastly, the firm’s algorithmic trading solutions.

During the early stages of last year, Embium underwent a rebranding to become Quantica Trading, launching its Quantica Trader, which is an algorithm development kit in order to facilitate the streamlining of the development and implementation of complex algorithmic strategies within the company’s existing Cloud Trader algorithm development kit.

Very shortly after this, Quantica Trading’s Head of Accounts and Strategic Partnerships to assume his current post as ‎VP of Sales at Rizm in New York.

Ms. Robson’s departure from the company takes her experience in buy-side focused quantitative financial technology solutions, front office trading and risk management functions away from Quantica Trading to her new, freelance position as a Data Science, Predictive Analytics & Strategy Consultant.

Prior to her position at SunGard, Ms. Robson was a Senior Analyst at RBC Capital Markets, preceded by positions at JP Morgan and Arrow Global Ltd where she concentrated on data, analytics and algorithmic consultancy.

Indeed, with Ms. Robson’s departure and no replacement having been elected, the company’s website is now offline, and the blog on LinkedIn has not been updated for several months.

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