QuantHouse implements advanced cloud-based robot agents for automation of global operations

Global provider of trading solutions QuantHouse announced it completed the first part of infrastructure process automation programme using cloud-based robot agents to improve performance.

Especially in these critical times of volatility, it is important that infrastructures operate efficiently and have the capacity to meet the growing volume. With the increased level of automation, QuantHouse is able to quickly add resources to a number of their in-house processes with minimal human intervention, using widely adopted and secure cloud technologies that deliver automated deployment and monitoring tasks. The infrastructure process automation programme also helps QuantHouse with its plans to easily expand into new markets that trade 24×7.


Emmanuel Carjat, Chief Operating Officer, QuantHouse, commented:

QuantHouse has been designing and operating its own private low latency cloud for more than 15 years. With the general availability of advanced cloud management technologies, we are now leveraging those proven cloud native solutions to fundamentally review how we manage our operations. Using robot agents allows our engineers to spend their time planning for the future while out-tasking standard maintenance and client implementation processes.

Stephane Leroy, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, QuantHouse, said:

Stephane Leroy

Over the last 15 months, QuantHouse has retained steady business growth on-boarding one new hedge fund client every week. These new hedge fund clients place a lot of value in our service resilience and performance. As a consequence, our ability to contract and deliver value to a growing number of customers are among our top priorities at QuantHouse. For this reason, this project is one of our most strategic objectives for 2020 as it combines revenue growth and operations optimisation into one single initiative.

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