AvaTrade introduces Bitcoin trading on MT4

Bitcoin trading will be available with up to 5x leverage on both AvaTrader and AvaTrade’s MT4.

With Bitcoin prices settling into a much more normal trading range since wild daily Bitcoin price swings of 50%+ were the norm back in April, more forex and binary options brokers are adding Bitcoin trading, feeling comfortable in their ability to manage the risk involved in Bitcoin market making.

First we saw binary option brokers, such as IG Group, add Bitcoin binary trading, as the risk for the binary broker was much easier to manage — no matter how much Bitcoin prices rose or fell, the gain/loss on a specific trade is fixed in binary trading.

However wild Bitcoin price swings were simply too much to manage for ‘straight’ BTCUSD Bitcoin trading. Until now. We’ve seen several CFD brokers, such as Plus500 and now AvaTrade offer the BTCUSD Bitcoin-U.S. dollar pair. We expect to see a lot more in the coming months.

Leverage will still be kept low relative to other instruments at AvaTrade, similar to at Plus500, at 5x.

For the AvaTrade Bitcoin trading page click here.

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