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Pepperstone trade cryptocurrencies
November 24, 2017 BY LeapRate Staff

Pepperstone adds crypto trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin

Leading Australian Retail FX and CFDs broker Pepperstone has announced that it is now offering four cryptocurrencies against the US Dollar – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin. The cryptocurrencies will be available for trading with leverage up to 20:1 across all of the company's trading platforms. Cryptocurrency has large market movements that Forex and CFD traders can…

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December 19, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Why the latest drop in Bitcoin might be a good thing

Bitcoin was shattered by Chinese news again, so why is this good news for the community in the long run? It has happened – Chinese authorities have taken all the series of steps to completely discourage the use of the digital currency in the country for whatever reason. First they declared it as a speculative…

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December 16, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

The European Banking Authority and Norway backlash against Bitcoin

The EBA issues a warning on Bitcoin, while Snoop Dogg jokes with the digital currency and drone deliveries Regulatory warnings and jokes? Does not seem like a really good week for Bitcoin, but not a bad one either, with volatility subsiding a little despite Friday’s news out of Europe. The day saw a double whamming as…

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December 05, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

PBOC bars Chinese financial institutions from dealing with Bitcoins

Prices slump $300 from recent highs around mid $1200’s following the announcement The digital currency has been on a tear for the past couple of hours after the PBOC has announced at 08:00 GMT that it is forbidding financial institutions in the country to handle Bitcoin transactions. The announcement is coming only days after deputy…

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December 03, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Is Bitcoin Gold 2.0 or Tulip 2.0 – the race is on!

The currency dubbed ‘gold 2.0’ briefly traded above the price of its long term store of value competitor Yes, it has finally happened – gold has been dethroned as a store of value and an inflation hedge! Oh well, maybe it’s too soon to predict the doom of an age old currency such as physical gold…

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November 20, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin bubble bursts again, prices drop under $500

The digital “tulip mania” surrounding the virtual currency is ongoing Following a record rise to highs around $750 on the Bitstamp exchange ($900 on Mt Gox), the virtual currency has dropped almost 40% to trade as of writing at $470. It is no wonder that Congress is holding hearings these days to gather more information…

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November 15, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

VC backed Coinsetter launches Bitcoin forex trading platform

The New York based company makes (gradually) its beta platform open to the public The venture capital investors behind Coinsetter might be in for a small party. The forex trading platform based on Bitcoin has announced that it will be gradually opening its beta status to the public. Initially the process will roll out slowly…

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October 21, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin prices soar again, driven by Baidu and China

Latest batch of Bitcoin investors are Chinese players triggered by Baidu's decision to accept Bitcoin payments. Apparently the more news about Bitcoin, the better for the digital currency. We all remember the astronomic rise in Bitcoin prices that we observed back in March/April thanks in large to the mainstream media spelling out the name "Bitcoin"…

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October 15, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin prices more than recover from Silk Road shutdown drop

The big winner from Bitcoin's price rise? Advanced computer hardware makers. As they said during the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, it is the shovel companies that made the big money.... Despite periodic bouts of volatility, Bitcoin prices continue to steadily rise, and now, at about $135, are valued at more than 10 times…

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