Bitcoin exchange and agency brokerage itBit achieves 300% growth in volumes in 2015 with clients in 115 countries

Today agency bitcoin trading service and exchange itBit unveiled their 2015 trading statistics with some milestone achievements. 2015 was an exciting year for itBit’s bitcoin trading services featuring many firsts and strong growth. In May, they launched their bitcoin exchange in the United States after becoming the first company in the space to receive a trust company charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). As a US trust company, itBit is able to offer customers a level of asset protection and financial reporting that is on par with leading banks and brokerages.

July marked the launch of our OTC Agency Trading Desk, making itBit the first financial services company to offer both bitcoin exchange and OTC trading services.

Overall in 2015, itBit’s average monthly bitcoin exchange trading volume increased over 300%, and the company’s OTC trading desk traded over $40 million in bitcoin and tripled their customer base of traders.


The company provided the following message regarding 2016:

Looking Ahead to 2016

In 2016, we are committed to expanding our trading services and further enhancing the customer experience. To kickoff the new year, we have forged a new banking relationship with a global banking leader, Bank Leumi USA, to manage our US customer funds.

Our product and business teams remain focused on growing our suite of services and are exploring innovative new bitcoin trading options in the retirement space and other financial sectors that will serve to make bitcoin more ubiquitous. There are also new partnerships on the horizon that will enhance our trading services and make them more seamlessly accessible.

Finally, our tech team is hard at work implementing ACH deposits, real-time streaming market data and other features our customers have requested.

We are looking forward to setting new milestones in 2016 while continuing to offer our customers the most reliable and comprehensive bitcoin trading experience.


The itBit Trading Services Team

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