ADS Securities and Fixnetix launch low latency 40GB ethernet technology for forex traders

Abu Dhabi-based ADS Securities has partnered with global managed services provider Fixnetix in deploying an ultra-low-latency solution for forex traders, based in Tokyo. We recently reported that ADS launched its Tokyo (TY3) server, built around ADS Securities’ proprietary OREX platform.

The press release follows:

ADS Securities launches 40GB ethernet technology

Abu Dhabi, 18 November, 2014 – ADS Securities and Fixnetix are claiming a major step forward for the FX industry with the design and implementation of one of the worlds’ first 40Gb Ethernet technology FX solutions.  Installed in Tokyo (TY3) with ADS Securities new OREX platform it offers an ultra-low-latency solution for forex traders.

Philippe Ghanem, Vice-Chairman and Executive Managing Director at ADS Securities, commented: “From the day we started the company we have been investing in technology, and we immediately saw the opportunity that installing a 40Gb Ethernet solution would provide to our clients.  40Gb networks are already used by other low-latency asset classes, but as far as we are aware no one has invested in the development need for FX trading.”

The deployment in TY3 uses 40Gb network cards and allows for each tick from multiple liquidity venues to be processed with dramatically reduced delays as the additional bandwidth mitigates microbursts in volatile market conditions.  40Gb technology has been selectively used in other low latency asset classes, but the set-up costs have always been high.  Recent design changes have lowered the datacentre footprint and increased capacity providing cost effective performance benefits.

“With the ever increasing numbers of liquidity venues, 40Gb technology provides capacity for existing and future growth ensuring ADS Securities clients get the best access to liquidity and pricing helping to ensure best execution.” added Mr Ghanem.

Fixnetix, has established itself as a leading global managed services provider for ultra-low latency market data, trading and risk control, their CEO & Chairman, Hugh Hughes, said “Fixnetix are pleased to have worked with ADS Securities on what is a state of the art FX deployment “

ADS Securities aims to lead the market in user friendly but sophisticated trading platforms.  It provides a range of institutional and retail forex trading services with wholly owned or partner company offices in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Singapore and London.  For more information about the technology, products and services available please go to

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