ADS Securities rebrands as ADSS, new website


Abu Dhabi based financial services company ADS Securities has announced that it is rebranding and will now be known as ADSS across all of its business units effective today, June 27, 2018.

The main company website is now at

The brand was developed in-house by the ADSS marketing team with inputs from WMG and NetConstruct.

The company stated that the new naming and identity of ADSS is a development of the well-known ADS Securities brand and reflects the company’s expansion into new markets and the full range of financial products it now offers.

Philippe Ghanem ADS Securities

Philippe Ghanem, ADSS

Introducing the new brand, Philippe Ghanem, Vice Chairman and CEO at ADSS, commented:

When we launched ADSS in 2011 we were an Abu Dhabi based FX and commodities brokerage, but now we have a significant presence in Asia, Europe and we are developing into Africa. Abu Dhabi is our headquarters, and this is still reflected in our brand, but by becoming ADSS we have an identity which is accessible and relevant to the wide range of financial services clients we now work with.

Our clients around the world will recognise this as an evolution of the brand. We have reached a point in our growth and development when our identity needs to speak to a wider audience.  As we introduce the latest technology, products and services ADSS needs to connect with a modern and youthful audience, as well as our traditional and well established clients.  We wanted the new logo to keep representing the values we are known for but also work for new traders and investors.  We are entering a new stage in our development and have a new brand to help take us forward.

Ahead of the rebrand ADSS has been busy building up its management team, recently adding ImpacTech’s Jean El Khoury as Head of Marketing for the MENA Region, former ICAP CTO Emmanuel Coulon as Head of IT, and GKFX exec Nael Saleh as Head of MENA Retail Sales.

The design brief was to take the ADSS identity forward in a way which reflects the bold approach, innovation and success of the company, but which does not lose sight of its heritage. The use of YInMn Blue, the recently discovered pigment, and the latest Noto Sans font family, is indicative of the route taken.

ADSS will be used across all areas of the company including its regulated entities based in London and Hong Kong. A new website and ad creatives will be released as the brand is introduced across the business.

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