Admiral Markets launches Market Heat Map to provide real time data to traders

Admiral Markets has today announced that it has extended its analytics section on its home page to include a new service which is designated Market Heat Map.

The Market Heat Map uses real time data from the company’s Admiral.Markets account type in order to provide the most volatile markets on one glimpse, using color coding.

According to Admiral Markets, the ethos behind this service is to enable traders to obtain new trading ideas from those most interesting markets across all asset classes including major Forex currencies, stocks, commodities or indices.

The Market Heat Map comprises three main functions, those being an overview of best and worst performers of the current and the last days in percentage terms, a detailed range of FX analytics in chart form, and an overview of all symbols listed in tabular form with market highs, lows and change in percentage.


In order to view the full functionality of the Market Heat Map from Admiral Markets, click here.

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