Admiral Markets introduces ‘Volatility Protection Settings’

Admiral Markets, a global online provider of Forex and CFD trading services, today introduced a new advanced feature – Volatility Protection Settings.

Volatility, or speed of changes in price, is an important factor in deciding the trading results. In times of high volatility, these changes in price occur so fast, that the outcomes of trading become unpredictable. Every year, many traders experience losses due to high volatility.

Volatility Protection Settings is a tool designed to help traders avoid the negative effects of volatility. It helps provide limits of slippage and grants the ability to cancel orders on price gaps with no losses.

Among other benefits, Volatility Protection Settings includes the following features:

  • The ability to enter the market with limited risk and potentially unlimited additional gains through execution of stop and market orders as limit orders with predefined maximum slippage.
  • Protection from instant losses on limit orders with predefined stop-loss levels triggered on the same tick.
  • The ability to minimise the market risk associated with stop orders through cancellation of stop orders on price gaps, with stop-loss orders triggered on the same tick or with slippage exceeding a predefined amount of points.
  • A chance to get filled at the nearest available price when a limit order (for example, a take-profit order) is reached on a price spike and not executed due to absent liquidity beyond that level.
  • A chance to avoid activation of the stop orders due to widened spreads during economic news releases and other volatile conditions, which may not result in an actual change of the price level.
  • The ability to trade limit orders of larger scale due to a partial fill functionality – particularly, in the less liquid markets.
  • The ability to monitor the amount of the slippage size applied to executed orders.

Volatility Protection is available to all clients with Admiral.Markets, Admiral.Prime and Admiral.MT5 accounts – both live and demo.

For more information about Volatility Protection Settings, visit Admiral Markets website.

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