Interview: 4XC’s Daina Malta: Being traders ourselves, we understand the importance of transparency

A LeapRate Exclusive…We sat down with 4XC Head of Customer Support, Daina Malta. With 7 years of experience in customer relations and management of customer services department, Daina has been with 4XC for three of those. She talked to LeapRate about the importance of customer support in customer success and how 4XC builds integrity and trust with its clients.

LR: Hi Daina and thank you for joining us today! 4XC has been around for twenty years. Can you tell us more about the firm? What is its primary focus?

Daina: That is not quite accurate, 4XC was founded in 2018, the founders of the Company have more than 20 years experience across financial markets, which helps us grow at a very fast pace. From a small and ambitious startup, very quickly, we have become a mid-size company. Our primary focus is transparency which helps to build integrity and trust. Being traders ourselves, we understand the importance of it.

LR: How does 4XC set itself apart from the crowd?

Daina: Excellent customer service is a competitive advantage. We set ourselves apart from being exceptionally fast and efficient and being committed to our brand motto “Out of this world trading” meaning that our trading conditions are nothing but stellar, whilst providing the tools and technology to find solutions to any issues that may arise.

Exclusive Interview with 4xc's Daina Malta i

LR: I know that supporting your customers is important to you. Can you tell me how 4XC gives the right support to its clients?

Daina: Being a No-Dealing Desk company, the success of our clients is paramount. Good support doesn’t mean just fixing the problems that might arise, it means adding value to our clients is at the forefront of everything we do, from best prices and execution through to best education.

LR: 4XC was selected for Best Customer Service at the iFX EXPO this year. Congratulations! Can you tell us why is it important to have received this award?

Daina: Thank you, our support team truly deserved it. In fact, this is our third customer service award. We were also recognized in other fields, but mostly we have been recognized for our customer service as this is our main priority given. The customer service represents our brand image, mission and values.

LR: You must have some market insights on the severe inflation we are witnessing. Are there any observations you might be able to share?

Daina: Inflation is a natural part of our economy, and we strongly believe that having the right knowledge and tools could leave you in a better position to grow despite of all the uncertain conditions.

LR: Any new company offerings you want to share with us?

Daina: We have just launched our newest campaign for our clients, giving them the maximum support from the beginning of their journey with 4XC.

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