Dukascopy Bank wants to become an artificial intelligence hub

EU launches €400M investment fund to enable AI and Blockchain projects

Geneva based Retail FX broker and bank Dukascopy has shared that its ChatBot allows full access to the Bank’s services. In this manner the Bank has achieved its first stage of reconstitution around the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger and is opening up for projects involving artificial intelligence.

Dukascopy Bank’s ChatBot is an ordinary chat between the Bank and its clients. It allows the client, in a natural dialog form to access any service, which the Bank provides including payments by bank transfer, currency exchange, instant payments, instant issuance of virtual cards and ordering of plastic cards, top-ups of those cards, instant top-ups of client’s cards issued by other banks’, investments in financial instruments, purchase and the transfer of CFD contracts on Bitcoin. In the near future, the Banks’ ChatBot will be able to process transactions in other cryptocurrencies, as well as investments in stocks. In prospect, access to private banking services will be added.

The opening of all types of the accounts with the Bank since 2018 mostly done through the messenger. At this time, an account can be opened 24/7, having filled in the registration form and gone through the video identification process in real time. Today, the Bank opens around 100 accounts per day and planning to increase that number in the near future to 1000 accounts per day, becoming the leading online retail bank in Switzerland.

The main aspect of this initiative lies in the fact that the ChatBot has been created on the basis of a universal application programming interface (API) which allows to other banks, companies and clients who wish to propose their own services to the users of Dukascopy Connect 911, to develop and to implement to the messenger their own chatbots. All of the information concerning the interface and its developers guide are published on the Bank’s website.

The open programming interface creates a strong base for the development of the ecosystem based on the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger. API allows the integration of the messenger into any commercial and social projects of the Bank’s clients and partners, in turn opens the access to the payment services of Dukascopy Bank and other banks who are part of the project. Access to free instant payments and direct communication with the users of the messenger are important privileges which will be available to third party API developers.

As an example of an open messenger’s API usage, above its own ChatBot, Dukascopy Bank has published an examples of a Pizza delivery ChatBot, a Translator and a Weather ChatBots. The users of the messenger will be able to find these examples under the “Bots” section of the messenger.

Dukascopy Bank is inviting for collaboration providers of services and goods, who wish to join the project. The first participants of the Bank’s project will be guided through the entire integration process and the launch of their services through the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger.

Dukascopy Bank believes that the world has entered an era of worldwide use of artificial intelligence which will be a dominate direction of the development of the internet industry in the years to come. Hence, the Bank has adapted its structure to satisfy the needs of the clients, who using AI, in order to become a “cyborg friendly” bank. Dukascopy is inviting all companies working in this sphere to cooperate and promises maximum support.

The nearest plan of the Bank in this direction is to program the ChatBot to talk and recognize the natural human speech. Also, the Bank is going to develop a primary infrastructure which will allow to combine ChatBots into SuperBots and the possibility for its clients to teach those Bots.

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