BDSwiss launches trade mentoring tool – Trade Companion

Multi-asset financial services firm BDSwiss has launched its new performance analytics tool – Trade Companion.

As the latest addition to BDSwiss’ trading tools arsenal, the Trade Companion is designed to provide traders with insights to monitor, analyse, and improve their personal performance. BDSwiss Business Intelligence team has developed a tool that offers personalised analysis on real-time data derived from their own trading performance.

Initially the firm released a beta phase to a select group of BDSwiss clients and after rigorous testing, Trade Companion is now available exclusively for VIP and Raw account holders as a free virtual trading mentor.

A Personal Analytics Tool

With Trade Companion existing traders on BDSwiss can observe underlying patterns in their trading. They can examine their own trends, such as their ‘win-loss percentage’, ‘pay-outs’, and ‘most traded assets’ which allows them to better their trading strategies and make the most out of potential market entry points as they appear.

BDSwiss launches Trade Companion

The new tool evaluates closed positions and presents the analytics in comprehensive chart formats. It offers traders an overview of their trading history and performance by displaying their preferred trading times, most used position types, and more.

Trade Companion is available on BDswiss Dashboard and offers key performance metrics, such as asset analysis, personal trading history and analysis of trade durations and times.

BDSwiss Chief Commercial Officer, Manos Iosifakis commented:

Manos Iosifakis, BDSwiss

Manos Iosifakis
Source: LinkedIn

We all tend to have a biased view of our own performance. Our decision-making is less rational than we think, and that’s where Trade Companion comes in. Trade Companion can be seen as a virtual private trading mentor of sorts, and we are delighted to be offering our clients a unique tool that enables them to gain deep personal insights into their own trading patterns and performance so they can establish more successful habits.

Having access to a visual representation of trading performance is useful in analysing personal trading patterns and in identifying what elements of one’s strategy need to be tweaked. As the only tool of its kind on the market, Trade Companion is a testament to our long-standing commitment to our clients’ success and our continuous efforts in offering the most contemporary trading tools available in the market.


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