Equiti teams up with HokoCloud to provide copy trading

Multi-asset financial products provider Equiti Group has announced that it has partnered with technology provider HokoCloud to provide a social (copy) trading platform to enable traders to participate in social trading.

Social trading allows registered traders to access and observe thousands of global trading strategies within the online trading community and copy top-performing traders.

HokoCloud’s offering allows traders to replicate any trading strategy without restrictions on trade size.

Gary Dennison, CEO of Equiti US

Gary Dennison, CEO of Equiti US

Gary Dennison, CEO of Equiti US, commented on the news:

Equiti strives to offer the best available trading resources in the industry, which is why we have partnered with HokoCloud to enable our clients to actively participate in social trading. HokoCloud’s popularity, particularly in Latin America, will help service our fast-growing Equiti client base in the region. Social trading will open a window of opportunity for traders.

Being part of a global online trading community can provide an invaluable support network. Collaborations, information-sharing and mutual advice can all be accessed through social trading.  It also leads to greater trading efficiency, and it serves as an insightful learning environment for new and experienced traders.

Social trading requires no personal analysis of the markets, therefore it’s suitable for new traders or traders who are prone to making emotional trades.

Following top traders in a social trading community can be less time-consuming for traders as observing top traders or trends is more efficient than analyzing a plethora of daily market reports and data to inform trading moves.

Rui Gago, CEO of HokoCloud

Rui Gago, CEO of HokoCloud

Rui Gago, CEO of HokoCloud said:

We’re delighted to have partnered with a reputable, highly regulated broker as Equiti for our social trading platform. Through the partnership, Equiti’s clients across the world will have access to an uber efficient, ultra-low latency copy trading solution that is ideal for managing multiple MT4 accounts simultaneously or to follow some of the best trading strategies available – entirely for free.

HokoCloud provides users with support in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Arabic.

Top traders typically have good risk management trading strategies which define profit and loss expectations. It is critical that traders select a trading strategy that is in line with their own risk appetite and investment horizon. In relying on these top traders and their risk management strategies it is possible for traders to have a top-down view of their risk exposure and control their trading profit and loss.

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