cryptocurrency trading platform begins beta phase after $18 million ICO

After we reported exclusively in October about the launch of a new cryptocurrency copy trading platform called, LeapRate has learned that Covesting has successfully completed an ICO raising $18 million, and is getting set to launch the beta testing of its platform.

Covesting – a fintech startup launched by former Saxo Bank traders – has said that it has “almost completed” the development of its trading platform. The company has selected 200 beta testers and will provide them with the opportunity to explore the main features of the platform during beta testing.

Covesting successfully completed its ICO at the end of December last year, raising $18 million after hitting 100% of its hard cap. At the end of February Covesting launched its Crypto Intelligence Portal, an educational and informational resource for both novice and experienced traders. The resource features live quotes, latest news and educational materials, as well as trade ideas submitted by experienced traders. Also in February, Covesting held a presentation of its fully functional trading platform, launched a new site and called for traders to register and participate in beta testing.

Dmitrij Pruglo Covesting

Dmitrij Pruglo, Covesting

Dmitrij Pruglo, CEO of Covesting stated:

We are pleased to announce that the cryptocurrency community showed a huge interest in beta testing of our platform, and the number of applications considerably exceeded our expectations. We selected the most experienced traders and the most dedicated members of our community as participants of beta testing, but we may offer some other participants to take part in the process later.

Beta testers will be provided with the initial deposit so that they could test all available features and report bugs, such as interface/UIX issues, problems with order execution, data representation/calculation issues, or anything that, in the tester’s view, needs improvement or change. The most active traders will be able to withdraw all the funds from their accounts and have a chance to win $2,000 in COV tokens.

Covesting said that it hopes that the beta testing will help it achieve the highest quality standards and deliver the best results.

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