CySEC warns against imposter website in India

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has issued a warning against an imposter website set up in India.

The fraudulent Indian website,, looks very much like the real one and the Cyprus watchdog warned that it has copied the original.

The CySEC warning said that the website is a scam and stated that it has no association with the regulator.


CySECr also pointed out that all the announcements on the imposter website are only until October 2020 and the real CySEC website has announcements up until this month, August 2021.

CySEC urged the public to be very careful and ensure they are using the official website, especially when payments for exams or other purposes through JCC, as well as for licensed entities under the supervision of CySEC are concerned.

The regulator stated:

CySEC is taking all the appropriate actions for the safeguard its legitimate interests.

CySEC recently warned about widespread impersonations of officers or representatives of the regulator, soliciting investors to pay fees to settle false claims.


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